Tiki Cat Brand Cat Food Overview

Tiki Cat Food Benefits

  • Tiki Cat cat food is high in protein; higher than other brands.  This mimics a cat’s natural diet.
  • Tiki Cat offers food that is grain free.  This is ideal for cats that should have low or no grain diets.
  • Tiki Cat does not use artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  They chose for specific purposes to give your cat a long, happy life.

Tiki Cat Food is a cat food different from others we have come across.  The reason we found it was that our cat, Maya, had a bit of a weight problem.  We were shopping for a new food and came across Tiki Cat Variety Pack – King Kam Grill.  We were drawn in by the high protein and low carb nutritional facts.  Both us, and Maya, were not disappointed.

What Makes Tiki Cat Food Different?

The main difference we find with Tiki Cat is the protein content.  In our box the highest protein content was 16%.  Our other cat food from a different brand was only 10%. 

Weight loss is not just decreasing fat, but also building muscle.  This protein was much needed to get Maya back on track to a proper weight.

Not only that, but check out what Tiki Cat looks like!  I was surprised in a very good way when I opened the can.

Tiki Cat Mackerel and Sardines

Those are chunks of real fish!  This was the most appetizing looking cat food I have ever seen.  No, I didn’t eat any of it (though it would be a lie if I said it didn’t cross my mind).  This is only half a can. Maya was yelling at me while I was taking the picture and I had to give her half to appease the beast.

I am considering trying it as bait next time I go fishing, but that is another story all together.

Tiki Cat is also grain free.  So feeding your cat this food is like putting them on a Keto diet.  High protein, moderate fat, and low protein.  Exactly what your cute, furry predator wants to eat.

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Things To Consider When Buying Tiki Cat

Calorie content can vary from flavor to flavor, as is true with other brands. 

Tiki Cat Ahi Tuna is calculated to be 931 kcal/kg.

Tiki Cat Mackerel & Sardines is calculated to be 694 kcal/kg.

So make sure that your cat is getting enough calories throughout the day.  If a cat does not get enough calories they could develop fatty liver disease.

Maya prefers her food prepared a bit prior to eating.  We mash up the chunks for her so it looks more like what you would expect cat food to look like.  The good news is that the gross factor didn’t reach the same levels as other cat food.  I felt like I was preparing salmon to make croquettes.

As with other foods, if you are changing your cat’s diet to Tiki Cat do so gradually.  Since the food is so different from other foods your cat’s digestive tract might have to adjust a little.

Iodine content is an important consideration in cat nutrition, especially for cats with hyperthyroidism.  Fish does tend to be high in iodine. Fortunately, Tiki Cat makes different foods made out of lamb, chicken, beef, rabbit, duck and venison.

Yes, rabbit, duck and venison!  A refined menu for a refined palette!

Do Cats Like Tiki Cat Cat Food?

Our resident cat food advisor, Maya, gives it 4 out of 5 stars.  She certainly loves the taste, but eats certain parts of the food and leaves the rest.  Later on she will return to her bowl and finish the rest, but she doesn’t eat it all in one sitting.

Should I Buy Tiki Cat Cat Food?

Yes, you should buy Tiki Cat cat food.  The benefits of a diet that mimics a cat’s natural diet cannot be understated.  Our cat loves the taste and she is losing weight at a healthy pace. 

Below are links to the different variety packs Tiki Cat offers.  We recommend starting here so you and your cat can choose your favorites.

Tiki Cat King Kam Grill Variety Pack

Tiki Cat After Dark Variety Pack

Tiki Cat Aloha Friends Variety Pack

Tiki Cat Luau Variety Pack

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