Best Gifts For Cats

Best Gifts For Cats

What makes a good gift for a cat?

  • Cat Toys are a great gift idea for both kittens and adult cats.
  • Cat Trees are not just for cats.  They can also add style to your room.
  • Cat Beds are the terrestrial counterpart to cat trees.  Cats enjoy having many areas to lounge in.
  • Cat Food and Water Dishes are not just for cat owners.  Cats do appreciate pretty eating areas, especially fountains.
  • Cat Clothing is not for every cat.  But some cats love to flash fashion and bling!

Gift giving is not just something for humans.  People love to pamper their animals, especially around holidays and birthdays.  Are you struggling to come up with a gift idea for your beloved kitty?  Let us help you find the purr-fect present!

KitNipBox – Cat Goodies Subscription Box

KitNipBox is the gift that keeps on giving! If you haven’t heard of KitNipBox, it is a subscription program that delivers cat treats and toys to your beloved kitty. Every month a box is delivered right to your doorstep.

Order your monthly box of cat goodies at today!

We love this idea! Getting something in the mail is always fun. Now your cat can join in on the excitement of getting a package! The program is flexible in that you can cancel at any time.

There are two different subscription options: the Happy Cat KitNipBox and the Multi-Cat KitNipBox. The Multi-Cat KitNipBox is perfect for a family with two or more cats, or for a cat that deserves a little extra fun!

They’ve also set up an option where you can give KitNipBox as a gift to another cat family. Now you can get a present for your friends AND their pets! The “Give A Gift” option allows you to send one box or a pre-paid subscription of 3, 6 or 12 boxes at a discounted rate. This is also a great gift idea for your friends that are hard to buy presents for. Buy their cat a present instead!

MEOWFIA Premium Cat Bed Cave

Upgrade the cardboard box your cat uses as a house and get them a MEOWFIA Cat Cave!

These beds are safe and eco-friendly, made out of 100% Merino Wool.  They are warm and cozy while offering enough space for both kittens and large cats.

From the human side of things, they are easy to clean and act as a cool looking piece of decor for your home.  There are multiple color options to choose from so that you can pick a style that best matches your existing furniture.

Cat Toy Bundle

This is a great option for new cat owners!  This particular bundle has over 20 toys your cat can play with on their own or share with their favorite human.  Plus, it also comes with a cat tunnel!  The only difficult part is deciding which toy to play with first!

Pawbo Life Pet Camera

The Pawbo Life Pet Camera has so many features it is hard to know where to begin.  This is an HD live streaming camera that allows you to check in on your pet.  It also has a two-way talk feature in case you need a quick convo with your kitty.

But that’s not all!

The Pawbo Life Pet Camera also has a built in laser pointer and treat dispenser!  So you can play with your cat on your lunch break and then reward them when the session is over.  Your cat never needs to be lonely again!

And there are other features too, like being able to record video, take snap shots and play ringtones to allow pet training.

It is hard to tell whether the Pawbo Life Pet Camera is a gift for your laser loving cat or your gadget loving human.  We’ll call it a win-win.

Three Piece Gourmet Catnip Gift Set

For the catnip connoisseur, this gourmet gift set is a must have.  The catnip is well packaged in three separate tins to keep it fresh for your kitty.  Each tin of catnip has its own flavor; one with spearmint, one with peppermint and one that is unflavored for the catnip purest.  

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Cat Grass Growing Kit

Cats enjoy grazing on plants from time to time, so why not give them something that is safe for them to nibble on?  Grazing on grass can help with digestion and promote better cat health.  Plus, it comes with a cute planter your cat will appreciate.

This kit contains everything you need to start growing cat grass in your home.  Your cat, and houseplants, will thank you.

Catit Flower Water Fountain

Keeping your cat hydrated is an important part of your cat’s health.  Having a cat fountain helps maintain clean water for your cat to drink.  The filter design on the Catit Fountain removes odors, impurities, stray hairs, debris, magnesium and calcium.

But we are looking for a gift, so bring on the bells and whistles!  Well, this particular cat fountain has 3 different settings, so you can set the flow to what your cat prefers most.  The water level indicator light also doubles as a soft nightlight.  And just in case there is a power outage, there are reservoirs that remain full so your cat can still access water.

There are replacement Catit Fountain Filters available as well.  Some cats have said that their owners operate the fountain just fine without the filter.  Other cats have stated their owners use coffee filters to continue to remove the hair and debris that might fall in.  But if your cat demands pure drinking water, you can buy replacements.

Pettsie Cat Kitten Collar Breakaway Safety and Friendship Bracelet

Remember friendship bracelets?  Maybe you still wear them with your two-legged bestie.  Well now you can wear them with your 4-legged beastie as well!

This is such a neat idea!  A collar for your cat and a bracelet for you.  The collar has a break-away feature for safety.  If your cat gets caught, the collar will open allowing your cat to walk away safely.

Both the bracelet and collar are made from cotton.  This material is soft, yet sturdy.  Not to mention stylish.

One note is that the pattern you see on the collar is printed on.  Cats did not mind this and it still looks pretty sweet.  It’s just nice to not be surprised when you open the box.

This is definitely a fun fashion statement you and your cat can make together.

The Natural Pet Company Cat Toys Collection

A big part of gift giving is in the presentation.  This collection of cat toys by The Natural Pet Company definitely makes the mark.  Presented beautifully in their box, these toys make an pawesome present!

The toys themselves are made with natural materials that will stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts.  They include the “fishing for cats” style toys so you can get in on the fun as well.

There are mixed reviews on the durability of the toys.  The good news is that, as a company, The Natural Pet Company has gotten good reviews for their customer service.  So if you are not satisfied with their product, reach out to them.  They are eager to work with their customers.

Y YHY Raised Cat Food and Water Bowl

If you are looking to upgrade your feline’s eating area, this is a great way to do it.

Why your cats will like it:

The angled design allows for your cat to approach the food from a different angle as opposed to standard cat dishes.  This design has been known to help reduce vomiting since your cat does not need to bend their neck while eating.

The bowl is ceramic, meaning it is dishwasher and microwave safe.  Easy to clean, and if your cat likes warm food you can warm it right in the bowl.

Why you will like it:

Inner lip design keeps food in the bowl and off the floor.

The wide base design will help prevent your cat from tipping over the bowl.

Sounds like a win – win – win to us!

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FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats

Every cat needs a cat tree!  We love the feandrea Cat Tree for Large Cats.  The top platform is nice and large.  This gives a little extra room for your little extra cat.

We also like that there are two hide areas, or kitty condos, if you will.  The hide area on the floor is great for cats that don’t always have the energy or mobility to jump to the second level.  Even when you aren’t around they will be able to enjoy their cat tower.

As for the color, the neutral gray will blend into your current decor very easily.

Be sure to check out the FEANDREA store.  They have tons of heights and designs so your cat can find exactly what they want.

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PETLESO Cat Santa Hat with Scarf

As a cat, you are either for cat clothes or against cat clothes.  Either way, this cute santa hat and scarf will make excitingly cute christmas card pictures.  And what cat doesn’t love attention?  That’s why it made our list of gifts for cats.  Make your kitty the star of the season!

And if your cat is into wearing accessories you should have no problem getting the clothing at just the right angle for that purr-fect photo opportunity!

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