About Us

Hi! My name is Mike and I’m the Founder and Chief Editor of EraPets. Ever since I can remember I’ve had a love for animals. As a child I was turning over rocks and identifying every bug on the block. Growing older I found more adventures not only with wild animals but also with the pets my friends and I kept. Throughout my life I have shared a space with a dog, cat, fish, shrimp, snake and tarantulas. I have also found joy in helping others understand and train their animals.

Mike and his friends' Great Dane mix.

A huge inspiration and contributor to our site is Maya. Maya is our resident cat food advisor. She will be happy to test any food you put in front of her and give you her opinion. Don’t be surprised if she likes whatever you put in front of her.

Our cat Maya getting hungry as she's surrounded by food.

In addition to Maya we have 5 aquariums. We definitely have MTS (Multiple Tank Syndrome)!

I love keeping freshwater shrimp. Three of our aquariums are shrimp only. Our 40 gallon is mostly shrimp with just a few oto cats and endler guppies that share the space. Our last aquarium is a plant grow out tank that doubles as a hospital tank in an emergency.

A red rili shrimp on a rock

How We Create Content

All the content you find on this site has been planned and edited by me to ensure you only receive the highest quality information. I sometimes use freelance writers to help put articles together, but nothing is posted without my review. It is so important to me that you get accurate information so that you can use it to better the lives of you and your loved ones.

As much as possible we try to get our hands on the items mentioned on this site to get a firsthand experience with them. When this is not possible we rely on extensive feedback and experiences from real customers.

I also spend a lot of time in local stores talking to the staff about their experiences. If we ever get a chance to hang out you will learn very quickly that I LOVE to talk. I’ve made a lot of friends in different pet communities this way. I’m excited to share the information I’ve collected.

At the end of the day I want this site to be a place that you can trust. It will never be a place rigged by brand sponsorship. Here you will find information so that you can make knowledgable decisions.

What’s In It For You?

Why should you read our articles on EraPets? The main reason would be that you want to know more about your pet so you can have a closer relationship with them.

If the following statements resonate with you, you’ll enjoy the content on this site.

  • You want to understand your pet’s behavior on a deeper level.
  • You want to focus more on spending time with your pet instead of being frustrated with subpar pet supplies.
  • You want pet advice based on experience and not commercial sales pages.
  • You want to give your pets a life filled with more joy by having the ability to make better decisions for them.

If we are together on this, I look forward to you reading our guides and tests.

Mike Speer

Founder and Chief Editor at EraPets